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6 Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

For most people, buing a home is the biggest investment ou will ever make. As a buyer or seller, you must approach your investment with careful consideration. Choosing the right real estate agent can make a huge difference in houw fast you find or sell a house, the price you pay or receive and the effficiency of the transaction.

When you buy or sell a home, it is important to work with a professional Realtor. A professional knows the area, what homes are available, and can help you navigate through the home buying process. Most consumers state that the traits they wish to have in their real estate professionals are:

  • A positive attitude - able to maintain a good sense of humour under trying circumstances

  • Analytical –taking into consideration all the factors involved before making decisions

  • Assertive – having or showing a confident and forceful personality

  • Available – easy to reach by phone or e-mail

  • Excellent negotiator – able to get the best home for a buyer and the best price for a seller

  • Friendly – has a pleasant personality

  • Good communicator – readily explains all the steps in buying or selling a home

  • Trustworthy and honest – ethical and above-board in all of their dealings

The question is: How to you know you have a Realtor who knows what they are doing? Consider the following six sure-fire ways to evaluate and choose a professional Realtor that is a good match and you will be on the way to a pleasant home buying experience.

1. Shop Around

52% of first-time hoome buyers found their agent through a friend and two-thirds contacted only one agent. Interview a few candidates before you choose.

2. Get Referrals

Friends, neighbors and co-workers are good sources for referrals. Successful agents make their customers happy, so look for an agent who puts customers first and provides references and credentials.

3. Talk about Credentials

Agent: has studied, passed an exam and earned a license to sell real estate

Broker: Has continued studies and can hire agents to work under them

Realtor: An agent or broker who is a member of the Natonal Association of Realtors®

4. Think Locally

Both buyers and sellers should choose someone who is familiar with the area. Ask what they have sold o r listed in the neighborhood recently. they should also know about schools, taxes and other community details.

5. Choose Wisely

Choose someone you trust and like because you'll be spending a lot of time with this person. Your agent is a partner in this ourney and will become intimate with your home and personal finances.

6. Manage Expecations

Selling? Get a written plan detailing the steps they will take to sell your house and how to prepare your home for the market.

Buying? Ask how often your agent will supply you with listings and how many houses you can expect to see in a week.


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