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Choosing Exterior Paint For Your Home

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Selecting a paint color for the exterior of your home can be challenging, but the following tips can help you make the right choice.

1. Coordinate with existing stone, brick or wood accents. If your home has natural elements that will not be painted, choose a color that complements the undertones of those elements.

2. Use an online color visualizer. Once you've narrowed your paint choices, use a color visualizer to see how different colors will look on your house. Some paint manufacturers allow you to upload photos of your home to their websites to test various color schemes.

3. Try several samples before committing to a color. the best way to compare colors is by painting on poster boards rather than directly on your house. Move painted poster boards around various areas on your home's exterior. Make sure to test colors in sunny and shady areas. Also, be certain to put them directly next to any stone, brick or wood to ensure the color complements existing natural elements.

4. Stick with classic neutrals if you plan on selling your home. If you are hoping to add property value to your home, consider using colors such as off-white, gray, taupe, or blue-grey. These colors are, for the most part, universally attractive, so you won’t have any issues selling your home when the time comes. Some buyers may not gravitate towards a bright blue or purple home.

  • For instance, go with a beige house and white accents for a classic look.

5. Go with muted tones of primary colors for a complementary scheme. If you want to add some color to the outside of your space, consider using the primary colors. It is particularly attractive to pick muted shades of red, blue, and yellow. For instance, paint the outside of your home slate-blue, and color your shutters with a light yellow paint. Then, go with a burnt-red door for a subtle color option.

  • The bright, true hues can look a bit too elementary if used for your entire exterior.

6. Choose varying shades of the same hue for a monochromatic option. If you want your house to look simple and attractive, try a monochromatic color palette. You can paint all of the exterior the same color, or go with subtle variations of the same hue. This creates a uniform, neat appearance.

  • For example, paint all of your house a white color if you want a very clean-looking exterior.

  • You can also choose an off-white base color, vanilla shutters, and a light beige door to slightly vary the hues.

7. Select a light color scheme if you want your house to look bigger. If you are painting a small home and want to give the illusion of a larger structure, go with light shades! These include white, tan, cream, beige, and taupe, for instance.

  • This is a great idea for small colonial homes, for example.

8. Pick a dark color scheme if you want a dramatic look. Using a dark color scheme can make your house feel smaller, cozier, and grounded. Choose paint hues such as slate-gray, navy, brown, forest green, or espresso.

  • This is a great idea if you have a large house with odd proportions and want to balance the space.

9. Choose a pastel or bright color if you want your home to look whimsical. While a brightly-colored home may not be for everyone, you can surely pick a saturated hue for a personalized paint job. Go with a cypress green, lighthouse red, or brilliant yellow for more traditional colors. Choose turquoise, fuschia, or plum for unique house color options.

  • Using bright colors to paint your home can add a cheery, joyful touch to your environment.

10. Designate 2 bright colors to use as accents to brighten up your house. If you want to incorporate color without painting your entire house a bright color, go with accent colors instead! This is a great way to freshen up an old house, for instance.

  • For example, choose a neutral color like beige, and go with a light green and turquoise accents for a tropical style.

  • You can also go with a gray house color and paint your shutters bright red for an attractive option. Use the same color to paint your door, or go with a burnt-sienna instead.

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