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Elevate Your Guest Room

Whether you're hosting family and friends for the holidays or just want to be ready for company year-round, hospitality begins in the guestroom. You don't have to spend a fortune to make this space welcoming. Thoughtful touches, updated style and an eye toward comfort will make your visitors feel right at home.

While you want to keep a guest space tidy and organized, it presents an ideal canvas for whimsical touches and splashes of color. Instead of coordinating bedding and walls, take some risks with mismatched patterns and colors. Experiment with bold artwork on the wall, hang an unusual light fixture from the ceiling or introduce drama with striking wallpaper behind the headboard.

Splurge on good pillows and a firm but comfortable mattress. When selecting bed linens, aim for the luxurious feel of a top tier hotel.

Place a small nightstand with a lamp on at least one side of the bed -- both sides if there's room. Layering lighting in the room increases its coziness.

Provide a small dresser with empty drawer space for guests to use. Make room in the closet for visitors to hang clothes and store luggage.

If space allows, a cozy chair and reading lamp are a nice touch. Personalize by setting out some current magazines or coffee-table book.

Plug in a power strip so guests can charge their devices, along with a printed card with Wi-Fi instructions.

Extras like soft throw blankets and pillows scented candles, fluffy towels, and fresh flowers are thoughtful touches that will make guests feel extra welcome in your home.


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