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Furniture Design Trends 2023

Furniture design is leaning into natural shapes, hard surfaces and sleek style in 2023. Accoring to top designers interviews by Architectural Digest, here are six furniture trends you can expect to see.

Neolithic Design

You don't need a man cave to furnish your home in neolithic style. While not everyone will embrace stone or metal furniture, these solid pieces work well to balance softer, rounded shapes and surfaces.

Linear, Ultra-Planed Style

Fans of Scandinavian design will be pleased with plenty of selections in this minimalist style. Introduce this trend into your space with a modern or unique lamp.

Burl Wood

With roots in the 1930s Art Deco furniture design, today's burl wood has a new modern look. this knotty blond wood has a beautiful natural finish that works well with many decorating styles. it's popular choice for folks who like subtle ornamentation as well as those who prefer using natural, sustainable materials.

Shapely Side Tables

Add a touch of personality with a fun side table. A small, offbeat table can bring an attractive focal point to your living room.

Sea-Inspired Textures and Shapes

Invite the ocean into your home with organic materials that recall natural aspects of the sea, such as coral and marine plant life. Lighting fixtures or coffee tables with any airy, ocean vibe can add interest and texture to your home.

Natural, Understated Flooring

The cooler, neutral flooring of the past few years is making way for warmer, subdued tones and geometric designs.


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