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5 Energy-Saving Myths

Many of us grew up believing certain strategies are beneficial for conserving energy, only to discover they might actually be counterproductive. Let's unravel some of these myths and shed light on a few popular energy-saving practices.

Energy Saving Myths

Myth 1: Closing vents in empty rooms saves energy.

Truth: In theory, closing vents in rooms you don't often use makes sense. However, this can cause HVAC duct leaks and pressure buildup. The strain on the system can result in higher energy consumption.

Myth 2: Plugged-in electronics don't use energy when they're turned off.

Truth: If your toaster, stand mixer or phone charger are plugged in, they continue to draw power even when you're not actively using them. This phantom energy use adds up over time.

Myth 3: A spinning ceiling fan cools a room.

Truth: Ceiling fans don't lower room temperature. Instead, they circulate air, and when that moving air makes contact with skin, we feel cooler. If a room is unoccupied, leaving a fan running is a waste of energy.

Myth 4: Setting your laptop on sleep mode saves more energy than turning it off.

Truth: Your laptop is using significant energy even when you put it in sleep mode? Many devices are notorious electricity vampires, sucking down power when not in use. Unplug your laptop and any unused appliances when you’re not using them and stop the wasteful energy suck.

Myth 5: Lowering the thermostat won’t really save that much money.

Truth: Lowering your thermostat really does significantly cut your energy consumption. reports that you can cut 5% to 15% of your energy usage, which translates to savings on your heating bill. Set your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees lower for eight hours or more during the colder months. Do it at night, and you may hardly notice the difference.

Saving energy is a good thing. And separating energy conservation myths and facts will ensure that your extra care pays off. You don’t want to waste energy — or effort.

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