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6 Home Renovation Myths

Are you planning to undertake some home improvements this year? Before you start turning your dreams into a reality, don't let these common home renovation myths lead you astray.

#1: All home improvements provide a dollar for dollar return on investment (ROI).

In reality, you usually only get back a percentage of what you spend.

#2: Permits aren't necessary.

Not true. check your city or county website for details on permits required in your area.

#3: DIY is a great way to save.

What if your project ends up being too complicated for your skill set? It could be even more expensive to hire a pro to fix what went wrong than to hire a pro in the first place.

#4: Temporary or partial repairs will provide the long-term answer.

Many DIY repairs aren't covered by a warranty, which can be a deal-breaker when it comes time to sell your home.

#5: The latest trend will always be popular.

Trends are eye-catching, but some may go out of style just as quickly as they came in style. It pays to stick with timeless designs.

#6: Paint can cover anything.

Preparing interior walls before painting is essential to ensure a blemish-free finish. Before you begin, fix any ugly holes, blemishes, cracks or chips so your paint has a smooth foundation it can adhere to. While you may be able to fix some flaws yourself, calling on the professionals is worth considering.

Bottom line, the best approach to all home renovations is the informed one. Be wise with your renovation and reap the ROI.


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